Hiba Atlantis ( the adventurer )

Ada ferran screenshot005

Render in Marmoset toolbag

Ada ferran screenshot004

Render in Marmoset toolbag

Hiba Atlantis - The adventurer

Ada ferran t render body

I projected some textures made with substance painter to achieve a "transpirable material" look and also a comfy material on the protection pieces.
The bracelet was made with the curve brush and a customized mesh.

Ada ferran render hex hd 00

Face closeup

Ada ferran render allviews hd 2
Ada ferran render allviews hd 1
Ada ferran render shoes

This sculpture is the high poly mesh of a project conceived to do an african hero / adventurer suitable for unity / unreal.
I named her "Hiba" because is a common name in Sudan, and "Atlantis" because I'm watching stargate sometimes.

The character is dressed to protect her body for an eventual adventure or bad weather conditions.
Clothes are from modern and transpirable material similar to sinthetic leather.
I'm thinking if I equip her with some weapons.